Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tiffany the beggar

Rewind 5 months. It was a May weekend. The weekend that we were hosting a family reunion here in AZ. My cousin Alex was in charge of bringing the chips and salsa to dinner so he asked my sister and I to drive him over to On the Border to pick up some of that deliciousness. Those chips and salsa are so good.

So we parked in the OTB parking lot and Al went in to order and get the stuff. So, Kay and I were just sitting in the car listening to music when we see a young woman looking into the car and slowly approaching. She was completely "normal" looking. Just a clean, shirt and jeans, hair in a nice pony, 20-something year old. She approached my window so I rolled it down halfway. She kept her distance as to not be threatening. And she started by saying, "I'm not crazy. My name is Tiffany and I promise I'm not crazy or homeless or anything. All of the women I have talked to have been really mean to me. I am in a bad situation and my boyfriend and I got in a fight and he just left me here. I'm new to the area and don't know anyone that can help me. I'm so sorry to bother you. But I just called Discount Cab to see how much it would cost to get me home. I would need another $16 to get there. I thought that maybe you girls could help me out."

Kailey and I had both left our purses/wallets back at the house so we honestly didn't have any cash we could give her. I told her that I believed she wasn't crazy and I was sorry and really wish I could help her. She had a look of desperation in her eyes and I genuinely wished there was something I could do for her. It was over 100 degrees out that day and she had no where to go. I was worried about her the rest of the day.

Now back to present day (well, a few weeks ago)....my sister Kimmie and I walked out of the grocery store and started loading our groceries into the trunk. I saw someone out of the corner of my eye watching us and eventually started approaching us. Once she got close enough I could tell she looked familiar but couldn't exactly place her. Then she smiled and started talking..."Hi, I just want to tell you first that I'm not crazy. I just need help and all the women I have talked to have been really mean to me..." That clicked with me right away. I stopped her and said "yeah, you approached me a few months ago...you're trying to get somewhere right?" She got defensive and said "no, I didn't approach you. That wasn't me. My name is Tiffany and I need to get home... my boyfriend just left me here and I'm new to the area (right back into her script) so I just called Discount Cab and I will need $16 to get home..." She used the same EXACT story! We went back and forth and she wouldn't admit that she used this story before. I finally said sorry we can't help you today. And left.

I've been thinking about it since. I will usually use my discretion and help people with a dollar or two when it seems that they are really in need. I am in no place to judge others so if I can help them then I will. But this girl pissed me off. I'm not stupid...I know that most people begging for money are lying about their situation. But like I said...who am I to judge? Can't you just feel bad for people without them lying to you?

Are there any people out there that actually need help and don't lie about it? What about when someone actually does run out of gas and needs a few dollars to get home? Is anyone going to believe them? Do people do this for like a full time job? Do people actually give a random person that comes up to them in the parking lot $16? Isn't that dangerous?

So this Tiffany girl obviously does this for a living. She has it figured out. She plays specifically to women who will feel bad for her. She has the exact amount to ask for that will make her a lot of money but won't be too much for people to give. And she just hits up all the parking lots in the whole area. The two places that she approached me at were about 8 miles apart. So she just makes her rounds and lies to people.

I thought about my stand on this situation and decided that no stranger should ever need to ask for more than $3 from someone. $3 could get you a meal, a tank of gas, a phone call or a bus ride. So, that's my new policy. If someone asks for more than that then I have to assume they're lying. I mean, I'm not saying that I would give it to them anyway. But I just won't assume that they're lying. Does that sound fair? Does anyone else have a policy they stick to? I'm very curious.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Top Ten: NYC

So it turns out that I love New York City. Full fledged love. Our trip to NYC was even better than planned (and I planned for it to be on the top of the 'best weeks of our lives' list). We were able to experience a big chunk of what the city has to offer. We instagrammed some of our favorite pics from the trip but have hundreds more. I could probably write dozens of blog posts on the one week we were there. But instead I will highlight my favorite things about our vacay in the popular 'top ten' format. This is gonna be difficult to decide on...but here we go...

1. Central Park for the first time.
It was incredible. We got to NYC in the evening, took a taxi to our hotel to drop off our stuff then took off to pick up some Shake Shack and head for Central Park. The whole idea of an enormous park smack dab in the middle of a busy city is brilliant. We ate our burgers on some precious park benches next to a little lake with a clear view of the NY skyline. This set the perfect tone for the rest of our trip. We visited CP almost every day. Would just hit up some food carts, people watch, explore the different areas of the park and one day had a caricature drawn of ourselves by the sweetest old man who has been drawing in central park for 25 years. That place is straight up inspiring.

2. Kelly & Michael and Jimmy Fallon. I have a thing for talk shows. I just love them. So I put in some hard work to get tickets to some shows for the time we were in NY. The day I got the Fallon tickets I was beside myself ecstatic (those mugs are pretty hard to get). Luck was on our side and we were able to get tickets to both Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Live with Kelly & Michael! Both shows were awesome.

Kelly & Michael had Robin Williams, Peter Krause and Cher as guests. They were really relaxed about the audience taking pictures and interacting with the guests. Robin Williams was our favorite....just funny all the time. During commercial breaks Michael would come talk to people in the audience. After Cher performed he came over just to talk with me and Chris. We chatted for a couple minutes so we're pretty much best friends now.

Fallon was all business during the commercials which really surprised us.  His guests were Julianna Margulies, Michael Sheen and Superchunk. It was so much fun being on set and seeing how it all works
behind the scenes. The Roots were one of our favorite parts about the whole thing. They got everyone pumped up and excited before the show and during the breaks. It was just great. Everything. We had both of the shows DV-R'd and watched them when we got home. Found ourselves on TV for our 3 seconds of fame. High five.

3. Shake Shack. I had heard about Shake Shack from NY
regulars but thought it was just a popular thing to do and didn't
expect the food to be that different. Kind of like how Californians were about In-N-Out before it branched out of California. Well, we ate at Shake Shack on our first night. And again on the second night. And again on Saturday night in the middle of Times Square filled with 100 million people and lines out the door. Basically, we deemed it best burger we've ever had. And best crinkle fries. That crap is so delicious. Funnily enough, we didn't care for the milkshakes. They were fine. But those burgers and fries.....

(Some of our other favorite eateries were Serendipity for the frozen hot chocolate and Grimaldi's Pizza under the Brooklyn Bridge. Both so good. Must must must go back. Oh, and Magnolia Bakery.)

4. Yankees & Mets Games. 
Chris and I have a "life list" that we made together a few years ago. It's a list of things we want to do/accomplish together. On this list you will find a good combination of all of our interests. So of course there happens to be a few sports related items. One of them is to visit (and eat a hot dog in) at least 10 different MLB stadiums. We crossed 2 stadiums off our list on this trip. Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. Every time we go to any professional sports games Chris turns into a wide-eyed kid again. He was absolutely captivated by Yankee Stadium and was impressed by the comradery of all of the NY fans (New Yorkers were way nicer than we prepared ourselves for). We also visited the Yankee Museum and took the Subway to both games which just helped make it a authentic New York experience. Both games provided beautiful weather and were highlights from our trip.

5. The 9/11 Memorial & Statue of Liberty. 
We felt very patriotic this day. Although the financial district was one of our least favorite areas (tied with China Town) the 9/11 memorial was one of my favorite parts of the trip. There is a quiet, reverent solitude that you feel as soon as you enter the area where the twin towers once stood. It was a beautiful tribute to those who lost their lives and a great reminder of the unity that our country was able to form at that time. After the memorial we took the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. She wasn't as big as I had expected but it was another experience that will be clocked in my noggin forever.

6. Greenwich Village/Washington Square. This is where we have decided we want to live. We originally went to this area to see the arch in Washington square and find the building that was used as the apartment in our fave TV show FRIENDS. But we just walked around for a while and fell in love with the walk-ups, the NYU performers and the character of the area. New life goal...live there.

7. Rockefeller Center. I had no idea how huge that place was going to be. There is a lot going on in there. We were told that to see the best NYC views that it was so much better to do 'Top of the Rock' instead of the Empire State building. I have to assume this is right because the view was absolutely incredible. We also had the military perk which gave us discounts on all the tickets. So before the Jimmy Fallon taping we did the 30 Rock tour. Tours normally aren't "our thing" but we knew we wanted to see the SNL studio so we did it. Seeing the SNL set that they were preparing for the SNL season premiere the next night was definitely the best part. Also, our tour guides mistakenly took us to the eighth floor where no one is allowed and we saw Aidy Bryant (SNL cast member) and Higgins (Jimmy Fallon's sidekick). I support mistakes.

8. Broadway! I love me some Newsies. The first time I ever even thought about visiting NYC is when I saw that Newsies was going to Broadway. One of my all time favorite movies played out on stage?! I was sold. I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to fulfill that dream (which was also on our life list). I was a little nervous about being disappointed since a lot of the songs and some characters were changed for the play. But it turned out to be just as remarkable as I thought it would be. I didn't think I could love anyone in the role of Jack Kelly as much as I love Christian Bale, but the lead guy was insanely talented. Broadway show on a Saturday night....check!

 9.Times Square. The lights. The people. The energy. Better than expected. I expected it to feel like Vegas for some reason. It was a lot cleaner and just cool. M&M World was legit. I loved that place. Also, Times Square is where I bought my I ♥ NY shirt and Chris got mistaken for Justin Timberlake (what?!). Haha!

10. New York stereotypes. Some people hate stereotypes. I think I love them. I think it's funny when a place lives up to it's stereotypes. I loved this about New York. Like the crazy people talking to themselves on the Subway, or the thick accents and loud talking, or the shady salesmen lurking in the alleyways, the pigeons and mice all over, or eating pizza folded in half, people performing on the subway not caring about what other people think, or the fast pace of it all. People were not rude like we expected and there wasn't as much traffic as we anticipated. The one thing that we were disappointed with was the lack of customer service in restaurants. That was worse than one would hope for. And something that surprised us about the city was the amount of dogs everywhere. Not stray dogs. But pet dogs. People walking dogs everywhere! I guess we just didn't think about it but didn't expect so many people to have pets in the city. It was nice.

{Just someone trying to fit 100 helium balloons into a subway car. normal. }

Monday, September 23, 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words

{Photo cred goes to my sister Kimmie}
This picture is worth a million to me. 

My other half is home
and tomorrow we leave for our NYC vacation. 
We have so many fun adventures planned. 
Like, big life list things. 

Basically, I feel that I may OD on happiness any time now.

But honestly, we could be going anywhere 
and I would be happy just to have this guy to myself for a week. 

I know it's cheesy but I don't care at all. 

{Feel free to follow our NY adventures on Instagram. Username: melissahayes6. 
And if you already follow me and don't care about our trip 
then I would go ahead and unfollow now because that shiz is about to be overgrammed.}

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Proud Moment

Today I am feeling super proud of my husband for two reasons....1.) He aced everything in tech school and
has officially GRADUATED. 2.) He actually took pictures of himself with his military buddies!
I've been asking him to take pictures for the past 6 months. I'm a big believer in preserving memories. It turns out that the instructor actually takes all the guys out to the aircrafts on the last day of class specifically to take pictures. But I am still proud of him for actually hearing my voice in his head telling him to pull out his phone and snap a few pics.

What a bunch of studs. Who doesn't like a man in a uniform? I know I do ;)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Making it through Tech School

Can't even believe I'm finally saying this but...CHRIS COMES HOME THIS WEEK!!! I never thought the time would come. It feels like he has been gone for.ev.er. But at the same time I do think that getting through tech school was so much "easier" than getting through BMT. Easier is a relative term, but you know what I mean. Being able to talk on the phone multiple times a day made all the difference in the world.

I wish I could give advice to those friends I have made that have recently started this process. But everyone just really has to find what works for them. What I found worked for me {in addition to numbers 2, 3, 4 & 6 on this list} was Face Time, traveling and chocolate. Just straight up.

I have read that some people hate doing countdowns because it's just depressing to see the number of days left when the countdown starts. Yeah..."only 94 days left to go"... isn't so encouraging. BUT my nieces and I made a candy countdown instead of a number one and it's been great. Each of us chose a bag of candy and we laid out a long sheet of saran wrap and tied each piece into it's place. It's been so fun for the girls to take a piece of candy every day to see how long we have left since they don't really understand days, weeks, months etc. Plus it's really exciting for me when we land on a Twix day in the countdown. Lucy's favorite days are the basketball chocolate days...as seen in that adorable pic there.

Only 4 pieces of candy left until...





Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A bun day.

I took this zombie pic in the spotty mirror the other day to send to my husband with the caption, "Another bun day thanks to the AZ heat and the 10 different splotchy colors in my hair."

But then I realized that he is in the same heat except in Texas where it is also humid and sticky and he is marching around everywhere he needs to go in full uniform.

And while I am complaining about waiting for my hair appt day to arrive he is worried about remembering to shave every morning and getting his head shaved every few weeks so he doesn't have to get into real military trouble and fill out one of those discipline forms.

So, I decided to not complain.
And to tell him how impressed I am by him instead.

And in unrelated news:
I have also decided that, aside from my husband, I no longer care what anyone else thinks
about decisions I make.
I don't need to explain myself to anybody.
I'll do what I feel is best for me.
And get 5 dogs if I want.
And buy cowhide dining room chairs.
And move to Germany if the opportunity arises.
And be sassy when I feel like it.
Like right now.
Just a ball of sassafrass (as my husband calls me).
What of it?

I may act out on bun days.
Or I may be PMSing.
Or not. Whatever.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Sometimes i think "Hey, it's been a while, I should probably blog". Then I think "ehhh what's the point, really?" I facebook and Instagram to keep my friends and family updated with my life. And I follow my "blog friends" blogs and continue reading them. So why do I need to blog? Welp, now I have an answer to that.

I decided for mine and Chris' 5 year anniversary this year I wanted to make photo albums with ALL of the photos we've taken since the day we were married. I have made photo albums my whole life. My Mom was a "Creative Memories" consultant and always taught us to keep scrapbooks and journals. I am so glad that she did because I have a pretty awful long term memory and I would hate for my personal history to just be lost in space and time forever.

So anyway, I kinda fell off the journaling/scrapbooking train when I got married. It's giving me anxiety just thinking about how behind I am. And that is why I decided to make photo books for each of our 5 years of marriage. I have been gathering and organizing pictures and information from these years. There are A LOT of pictures and it has been a ton of work getting everything I need. I am designing the books online and having them printed. So once that shiz is printed there is no going back to add missing pics/details.

One day I had the brilliant idea to go take a look at the blog I started just a couple weeks after our wedding for inspiration. It was amazing to read what I wrote. And embarrassing. And thought provoking. But mostly just amazing to read where I was in life, in my relationship, and in my personal growth. And to see how far I have come. And to remember all the little stories and memories that I had forgotten all about. I was so happy to have it. I just wanted to hug it. It's my story. My personal history. It's so meaningful to me. And it has really really made all the difference in making my photo albums. I can read those posts and see what I was going through at the time and my thoughts and feelings on random subjects or events. Pictures will always be there but the real story behind those pictures can easily be forgotten. And why not put them on the Internet to share with others who might relate?

So basically, blogs save lives. That's the answer to my initial question.

I hope to blog more and journal forever. Amen.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


{My fam at the start of last Finter. Right when the weather started changing. The best.}
I am completely and utterly tha-rilled that September is finally here.

Even though we still have months of heat remaining in the forecast here in Arizona, I am just happy that this month marks the official beginning of fall. Fall is my favorite. Actually, we don't really have Fall in Arizona. We have Summer, and then a second Summer. And then Fall and Winter come at the same time. I'll call it Finter. And I don't really care what it is. Because it is the best. Finter for the win!!

When I was little I loved spring because that was my birthday season.

Then when I was in school I loved Summer because that meant no school..

And now that I am a grown human I love Fall. or Finter. Whichever sprinkles your cupcake.

Either way, I'd like to celebrate Finter being on the horizon. Yes, I enjoy living in the moment and yada yada. But it's also nice to daydream from time to always. Here's what I'm dreaming about these days...

Fall style. 
Fall clothes are the absolute BEST thing on the planet. Blazers over t-shirts. Over sized sweaters and cardigans layered over layers on top of layers. Skinny jeans and boots and booties, etc etc. Plus, my fringe moccasins that are never necessarily "in style" but are always my faves. 

Hot Cocoa/Apple Cider. 
Thanks be to the brilliant inventors of a little contraption called the "Cocomotion"....I am set with hot drinks all Finter long.

Bon fires. 
We don't really do the fire thing here. But I love them and the way they make me feel. Mostly because I love s'mores. But also because we made fires a lot in my Idaho days. And those are some great, toasty memories.

AZ weather. 
Yes, yes it is hell on earth for one particular season out of the year. BUT come Finter, this place and it's weather is heaven on earth. Crisp and cool and beautiful. And we get this fall weather pretty much all the way until the end of Spring. No frozen tundras here. This also means our electricity bill can come down from it's stay in the freakin mountain tops to a more reasonable and wallet friendly height.

I mean... it's exciting. For the people who like that kind of thing. I do love going to games. And I love how excited my husb is when the new seasons start. And I love kicking everyone's butts in the fantasy leagues.

TV shows are back!!
 This and the whole fall style thing are probably my top 2 faves out of this list. I looooove my TV. And I hate when it's gone for the whole summer. Time to set the DVR for some good stuff. The top 3 I am looking forward to this season are prob How I Met Your Mother (the final season! Ahh!!), Revenge, and Modern Family.

Pumpkin and Cinnamon. 
The smells and the tastes. Yum.

The holidays. 
The shopping, the decorating, the hustle and bustle, the family events...I love the holidays! Can't decide which is my favorite. But the Finter holidays are by far my favorite of the year.

The foliage. 
When you first see that tree that has started to drop it's leaves. That's the first sign. It's all oranges and reds and bliss from there.

I am especially excited for this Finter because I have some very special plans as I may have mentioned twelve times before. NYC the first week of Fall....basically my dream. My new nephew will be making his debut in November. And a few weeks later we will be making our trip to Disney World to visit my little sister who happens to be a character in the park. Finter, I love you. A lot. Cheers!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

New York, I think I'm gonna love you

We are takin' a trip, my friends
to a far away eastern land
that neither of us have been to
but both of us have always really really wanted to visit.
It's said to be one of the best cities in the world
(I'll confirm that when I get back)

I'm talkin 'bout New Yooo-oooork.

Yeah, we are planning our trip to New York.
Right after Chris gets home we are taking off
to celebrate the end of training 
and the beginning of fall.

We want to do as much as we can.
But we don't know anything.
We will be those true, annoying, 'I ♥ NY' shirt wearing tourists. 
I need recommendations
from anyone who has been to the big apple.
We have our plane tickets and our NY "to do" wish list but nothing else. 
So...if anyone has tips...
I need to know where to stay, how to get around,
and what we absolutely cannot miss out on. 

So. SO. excited!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The pee poll has spoken

Now that the pee poll is over....hey, high five for proving my point for me. The overwhelming majority of my friends (that were cool enough to take the poll) think that it is perfectly normal to pee in front of your spouse. Look over there to the right. 27 out of 30 people to be exact. I, also, think it is perfectly normal. So you can imagine my disbelief when that chick from Real Housewives said it had been 10 years without performing the act in front of her husband! Like, how do you share a bathroom for that long and never have to both be in it at the same time? I bet they have separate bathrooms. That would actually make sense since they are filthy rich and everything. I've cracked the case.

It does make me wonder...what else do people see as spousally (made that up) acceptable or unacceptable? Sharing a toothbrush? Deodorant? Farting under the covers? Burping freely? Clipping each other's toe nails? Popping zits? Sharing cereal? I do know people that are grossed out with eating out of the same cereal bowl. I don't know. But these things will now keep me up at night.

For the record...we don't have a lot of boundaries over here. Just smells. I'm not cool with bad smells.

People are so interesting. I need to know more. Good chat. Thanks for participating.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

True life: I'm sad.

Not all the time.
Just on days that I realize that for 6 months
I don't get to wake up next to my husband.
Yesterday, my mom told me that she can't believe how well I am doing with Chris being gone so long.
I took it as a compliment. Definitely a compliment.
But I also thought, "if the outside matched the inside.....".

I just think it's unnatural to live a life without your spouse.
I mean...you get married for a reason.
And our reason was that we wanted to live life together.
Every day. Good or bad.

I have no idea how military spouses do this for much longer periods of time.
Deployments and what not.
Or anyone else for that matter, military or not.
That make sacrifices. That have to spend time away from their families.
They are so strong. and I admire them.
But at the same time, hope that I never have to learn how to do what they do.

I really just can't wait for Chris to get back.
It's funny. Out of all the of the fun and exciting things we did during my trips to tx
my absolute favorite thing
was sharing a pint of (the best) ice cream
in the hotel bed
using (very breakable) sporks from taco bell
and reconnecting face to face.
Laughing a lot. Sharing secrets from the past few months.
Talking about how distance makes us appreciate one another.
(and stopping everything to snap a pic so we never forget that moment)

That's what I miss.
That's what makes me happy and sad at the same time.
That's what life is all about, right there.
Sporks and love.

Friday, August 9, 2013

ShockTarts. A pointless post.

 photo shock1.jpg  photo shock2.jpg  photo shock3.jpg
            Vegas - June 2012                          Texas - July 2013                            *Arizona - Aug 2013

I just have this thing about ShockTarts. Tell me you know what ShockTarts are, please. They're a candy. And they are now called Shockers. Stupid. Anyway, they make me crazy. I'm romantically in love with them. They don't so much make me want to punch someone in the face. Because I'm not a puncher. You know how some people get so passionate that they want to get violent? Well, I am more of a squeezer. Like, just wrap my arms all the way around you, including your arms, and squeeze until the point of bruising...or popping your head off or similar. That's how I show my love. ST's make me want to pop heads off.

I've loved ShockTarts since I was little. When we lived in Washington (U.P. wut wut!) my little brother and I would drive to the Tacoma mall, listening to the Jessica Simpson compact disc, and buy ShockTarts from the candy kiosk gumball machine things. Where you put the quarter in and get a handful of questionably old and stale candy. Every single time. They were still 'licious.

At some point I was convinced they stopped selling these "Shockers". That was a terrible time. But don't worry...they're not gone. I've just lived in so many different states that I can't remember where they are still available. Sometimes I unexpectedly run into them on sale in a rando little store...and I freak a little.

Last year it was Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Vegas. They were ridiculously priced at $3 a piece and I bought two. Had to. Two weeks ago in Texas we ran into a whole barrel of the sour delights at the Candy Barrel in the Stock Yards. $2.50 a piece. Bought some. That's when Chris watched me jump a notch on the crazy scale (middle pic). THEN last week in Idaho the little rolls of yum showed their sweet faces again right in good ol' BROULIM'S!! Right there in the check out. For 75 cents!! Idaho...why did I ever doubt you? So I grabbed as many would fit in my suitcase (without putting it over the weight limit. Did you know they changed it to 40 lbs?) and got the freak out of there before I woke up and realized it was a dream. It was the best day.

Now I'm in a sugar coma. And my tongue hurts.

It's a love affair. And I can't quit.

If any Arizona people find shockers around this place, please...buy them all, leave them at my door, and bill me. Thanks.

* That last pic. I am holding the Shocks that I bought in ID. I have 4 more rolls inside that bag on my arm. I was so happy about it that I had to snap a selfie to send to Chris...to let him know that I was being taken care of. And to confirm that I'm still crazy. And need more sleep.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pee Poll

I need help settling a debate.

The question arose whilst watching an episode of The Real Housewives of OC. One of the wives said that her and her husband have been married 10 years and they have never ever gone to the bathroom in front of each other. Not even once. This sparked a high-pitched debate between my sister and myself.

One of us thinks that it's perfectly normal and not a big deal to pee in front of your spouse. There's no way there are that many couples that go 10 years without doing the basic #1 in front of each other.

The other one of us thinks that the whole idea is gross and it's weird to use the bathroom in front of someone else. It's a very private thing and it's not uncommon for people to like their privacy even from their spouse.

We're just talking about the basic number 1 here. Adding the deuce to the story could change everything. That's a poll for another day.

So, here is the official question. Yes or no...is it normal for married couples to use the bathroom in front of each other?

Simple as that.

Add your anonymous vote on that right sidebar there. Don't be embarrassed...it's anonymous. And this is important. If you are feeling strongly about your opinion, then feel free to comment below. No judgement here either way.

I will share my opinion once the poll is closed.

Thanks, peeps!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mem lane & a fam reunion!

 photo photo71.jpg  photo photo66.jpg  photo DSC_0198.jpg  photo photo68.jpg  photo photo2.jpg  photo photo70.jpg  photo DSC_0202.jpg

Talk about blasts from the past. In a week and a half I was able to visit TWO of my five hometowns (I once talked about on me old blog here). I only had about two days between arriving home from Texas and then taking off again for Idaho. I flew on up there for a fab family reunion. And I got to spend a day in the town that I went to college in. Lovely Rexburg. I just really love skipping down memory lane. It's such a special place to me and my little heart. I stopped by all of my old apartments, my fave food joints, my newly remodeled college campus and the very spot that I met my husband of a man. The exact spot (second-to-last pic up above)! So romantic. ♥♥♥♥♥ Well, it could've been....if he was with me.  But close enough.

Victor, Idaho is really beautiful. Like, incredibly. Two of my sisters and I made the scenic drive from Rexburg to Victor for our Schwieder family reunion. I fell in love with the little place. I loved the beauty of the mountains and trees and fields of green. I love the cabins we stayed in and the whole country atmosphere. I think I may have forgotten what the North West (not the baby) has to offer since I've been in the desert for 3 years now. It was a nice, green reminder.

I really love my family. I really love having a huge family, too. We had a splendid weekend just enjoying each other's love and quirks. Isn't that just the best? Catching up with aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, second and third cousins, cousins once removed, etc etc etc. My favorite parts were the night time camp fires. My cute cousins used their scouting skills and created the fires and stripped tree branches for us to roast mallows and starbursts. We talked about our feelings in terms of shapes and colors (ha! seriously though), made predictions for each other's future and laughed and just got to know each other in our new ages. It was fuuuun. And I can't wait for the next one. In two years. I get a lil ahead of myself. What of it?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to Teee Exxx.

{I shared scenes from my trip on Instagram. This pic is from the longhorn cattle drive in the Stock Yards. Chris' fave}
I had the most stupidly perfect and best time on my trip to Funky Town (Fort Worth), Dirty D (Dallas), and Wichita Falls AFB with my camo clad husband. It was only the second time I've seen him in the past 4 months. So that's good stuff. We could've straight hung out in the hotel room and snacked on Blue Bell ice cream the entire time and would have been perfectly content with just being in each other's presence. But we decided to just do that the first night and spent the next few days soaking in all that my HOME TOWN has to offer. That is right. I grew up in Fort Worth and now my husband happens to be living without me just 2 hours away from that blessed cow-town. So, I got to introduce him to all of the restaurants, neighborhoods, and entertainment from my childhood. We visited the ballpark, hit up the famous Stock Yards, ate alligator at Razzoos, took in a movie, toured my old stomping grounds, devoured Chicken Express multiple times, splashed around the water gardens... and more and more and more. It was a real blast. We fit so much awesomeness into the 3 days we had together. It definitely reignited my Texas pride. Plus, we got to spend time with some of my very best friends. I always wish we lived closer to get to party with them on the reg. So, as far as weekends go, that one takes the cake. Yee haw and 3 cheers for T-X!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bathies. And hating them.

Why can't this dude just be grateful that I take time out of my life to bathe his stinky face?
I mean...who wouldn't want to be cleaned, swaddled in a towel, rocked like a baby and sang to for 10 mins before a nice brush and blow dry?

I know I would. 

Look at that glare. You'd a thunk I got to the squeaker in his newest toy before he had a chance. 

I've been punished for a good hour thus far. Well, I've got news for you Mr. Hooshington. If you're gonna share a bed with me all night {and some how take up the majority of it}...you're gonna smell good doing it. 

Seriously though, Hooshie needs his Daddy back. Someone to be on his side.

2 months left. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Is awesome.
And that means a lot coming from me. A whole lot.
my husband is away from home for the whole summer
and that I live in Arizona where the high is usually over 110 degrees.
But I love the travel that comes with it.
And the boating (pictured). And the beaching.
And the endless cold drinks. And the summer blockbusters. 
And the watching of Army Wives every day on Netflix.
(oh, is that not a norm summer thing?)
It is for me. 

My summer trips have been so great so far. 
And I am looking forward to more. 
Then Idaho.
Then Utah.
And then Chris gets home. Hallelujah.
And then
we have some MAJOR plans.
Plans that begin with
Beach camping 
A New York getaway
And a holiday at Disney World.

I get through the dusty 118 degree days 
by daydreaming about the above travels. 

Pretty pumped about it. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Google Reader is going away. Apparently, we are now supposed to follow our favorite blogs on Bloglovin. Hence, the link above. When you set up a Bloglovin account you will have to post a link (like the one above) in order to claim your blog. 

Helloooooo, Bloglovin. How you doin'?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Things I know about myself

 photo beyoself2.jpg

A lazy Saturday calls for catching a matinee movie {Now you see me}, snacking on chips & homemade salsa on the couch, and a pointless blog post all about myself....in bullet form.

So, without further adieu, here are some things I know about myself

  • I have a lot of insecurities. a LOT. Mostly physical. Well, maybe half physical and half other. Human nature, I can't get away from it.
  • I have a completely irrational fear of Alligators/Crocodiles being in any body of water that I am in. In the same way that a child is scared of the "deep end", I am scared of all ends. Ocean, river, lake, pool, kiddie pool, bath tub...I don't care what it is. When I lay on a floatie in the water I cannot have any body part hanging off the ends. If I do then I cannot stop thinking about how the Alligator at the bottom of the pool is plotting to come bite it off.
  • I get great satisfaction in popping other people's zits. Sounds gross. But it's just really right.
  • I have Scoliosis. My spine is crooked, and my hips and shoulders are extremely uneven. If you see me standing straight on then there is no question about it.
  • I have plans to own my own businesses. I have decided that I never again want to work in a 8-5 office job. So, my business partner sister and I have a few small businesses in the works.
  • I may look like your average mormon white girl but at heart I am half wanna-be rapper and half wanna-be hippie. I'm talkin drop-crotch pants, over sized shirts, naturally messy hair with slouch beanies on top, and sunglasses on at all times especially whilst. That sounds like the perfect outfit to make the out fit the in.
  • Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and biggest food weakness. Like, I will eat 20 in a row without taking a breath no prob. But I need them to be soft, please. If they are crunchy or have raisins in them then everything is ruined.
  • I have some psychic abilities. I'm serious. 
  • My home decor style can pretty much be summed up in the phrase 'neutrals all the way'. I think a texture can be just as big of a "pop" as a color. 
  • People often mistake me for a huge b-yatch when they first meet me. Once I become friends with someone I get the whole, "when I first met you I never thought we would be friends" thing all the time. I've been told that I come off as rude, standoffish, and my personal favorite an "ice queen". I like to think that it's really just because I just don't open up to people I meet until I really trust them. Or it could be because I am observer and like to scope out the situation before I get into it. Either way, I've come to terms with it. 
And there you have it.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Everyone who knows my Dad can agree that he's pretty much famous for three things : 1.His sense of humor 2.Enjoying life 3.Steak and Congo bars. I now believe that these are the important things in life. Specifically #1, having a sense of humor.   

When Chris called my Dad back in 2008 to ask if he had permission to ask for my hand in marriage, the convo became an instant classic in our house. It went something like this...

Nervous Chris: Hi, Rex. It's Chris.{some small talk back and forth}
So, I uhhh...was just calling to see if it would be alright with you if I asked for your daughter's hand in marriage...? 
Dad:  Ok, now before we go any further.........which one? 

Hahahahahaha! Oh, Dad. Gets me every time. 

That definitely broke the tension. And of course, he acts like he didn't even mean it as a joke. It's even funnier to me because two of my sisters were already engaged at that point. The only other option would have been Kailey who was 14 at the time. But my Dad always knows how to lighten a mood. 

So, cheers to the guy who taught me that it's always an appropriate time to be funny. And who taught me (mostly by example) to always eat dessert first. Happy Father's Day. I Love you, Dadbo. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

THE trip

So proud of Chris and all that he went through for the past 8.5 weeks. 
Just happy & bursting with pride. 
Constant goosebumps listening to these studs recite the Airman's creed
Best Arizona friends 
Chris gave me some "military wife" gifts to match his shiny new official Airman's coin
Marching to the drums was my favorite part of it all
Showing off his new clothes rolling skills at the dorm
Had to have dinner at Saltgrass. A TX fave. 
Roller coasters, Shamu show, penguins and dolphins. Just the right amount of Sea World.  
Face Timing with our nephew Ami and the Hayes girls!
Missions ball game. I forgot all about the Texas humidity. My hair really liked that. 
yup. I get the whole 'man in a uniform' thing. Plus the shaved head & dog tags. Feelin it. 

The long awaited weekend finally happened! I still can't believe this is my life. I still can't believe I'm a military wife. But somehow it's true. And as such, I went down to TX to smother my husband with love and support as he graduated from BMT. The levels of excitement and anticipation were just ridiculous. Like, on verge of tears at all times due to one emotion or another. The whole thing turned out to be quite an adventure. I had no clue what to expect. I was definitely not a fan of all the waiting around between events before I even got to see him. But once I did, pure happiness ensued. For 4 whole days.

The graduation festivities were amazing (Airman's run, coin ceremony & parade), made me proud to be an American (& an Airman's wife). The base liberty days were filled with long talks, long naps, an Air Force museum tour, the dorm open house and base tours. The town pass days were filled with restaurants, Sea World, Iron Man 3, Texas thunderstorms, attending a minor league baseball game, shopping and getting lost all over San Antonio and not caring at all. It was just making up for lost time together. It was exactly what we wanted and needed and it was awesome.

Chris and I mutually decided that it was quite possibly the very best and most perfect weekend of our lives. Straight up. And the memories from those 4 days will now be filed in our history under "the very BEST of the good old days". I don't know how it can ever be topped but we will try to give this weekend a run for its money when I go visit him at the new base he is now living on. I can now vouch for the truth of the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder".

{p.s. my new huarache sandals are my favorites and I may wear them every day this summer.}