Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bathies. And hating them.

Why can't this dude just be grateful that I take time out of my life to bathe his stinky face?
I mean...who wouldn't want to be cleaned, swaddled in a towel, rocked like a baby and sang to for 10 mins before a nice brush and blow dry?

I know I would. 

Look at that glare. You'd a thunk I got to the squeaker in his newest toy before he had a chance. 

I've been punished for a good hour thus far. Well, I've got news for you Mr. Hooshington. If you're gonna share a bed with me all night {and some how take up the majority of it}'re gonna smell good doing it. 

Seriously though, Hooshie needs his Daddy back. Someone to be on his side.

2 months left. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Is awesome.
And that means a lot coming from me. A whole lot.
my husband is away from home for the whole summer
and that I live in Arizona where the high is usually over 110 degrees.
But I love the travel that comes with it.
And the boating (pictured). And the beaching.
And the endless cold drinks. And the summer blockbusters. 
And the watching of Army Wives every day on Netflix.
(oh, is that not a norm summer thing?)
It is for me. 

My summer trips have been so great so far. 
And I am looking forward to more. 
Then Idaho.
Then Utah.
And then Chris gets home. Hallelujah.
And then
we have some MAJOR plans.
Plans that begin with
Beach camping 
A New York getaway
And a holiday at Disney World.

I get through the dusty 118 degree days 
by daydreaming about the above travels. 

Pretty pumped about it.