About me...
I come from a big family that I am abnormally close to. We grew up as your average family but when my parents were divorced, shortly after I turned 16, my siblings and I bonded together and have been best friends ever since. I have five hometowns (explained here). But I currently live on the surface of the sun, also known as Arizona. I am eternally bonded to my favorite person in the world. Our son, Kellen, is our absolute biggest joy in life. My dog is my "first born" and the only time I am easily offended is when someone tries to talk about him like he doesn't matter because he's a dog. I enjoy plain chocolate chip cookies, laughing at my husband's laugh, being organized, pickles, Texas, not answering my phone, watching FRIENDS, and designing the house that we are currently building. I graduated from BYU-Idaho with a Bachelor's in Communication. I am thinking about becoming Vegetarian but steak is my favorite food. So, that's awkward. Also, I'm just really into MC Hammer right now. And this

This guy is funny, passionate, forgiving, protective and very easily entertained. I call him Trabe, or Snabe, depending on the mood he's in. He grew up in Washington and we met while we were both attending BYU-I. He is extremely into sports of all kinds. When it comes to playing sports he's all about basketball and softball. He can't throw a frisbee. He has a great voice. He served a 2 year mission in Peru where he used to eat Guinea Pigs like they're chicken. All he needs to have a good time is one of his peeps and a good meal. He can eat a ton but is also super into diets and workouts and experimenting with new methods of such. He has several alter egos that all have different names, voices and back stories. Chris joined the Air Force in 2013 when he felt an urge to serve something bigger than himself. He's currently in the AZ Air National Guard. The end of this year we will celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. 

Cubby, Luva Luva, Mr. Cool, but most commonly "Baby", this one and a half year old is our world. He is the cutest, most fun, and sweetest little maniac. He loves to talk and eat (he gets that from his Dada), and is super observant and stubborn (gets both of those from Mama).

It took us 6 years of marriage and 5 years of infertility treatments before we welcomed him into our family via IVF. The process was very difficult, emotionally and physically. But we are beyond thankful to have him and will never let go (yes, he may require future therapy ;)

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